News Clippings

S.No Title Date
1 NDRF rescues over 1,500 individuals in Manipur flood 04/06/2024
2 NDRF rescue thousands in Manipur flood 02/06/2024
3 Assam Rifles, NDRF conduct round-the-clock relief operations in flooded Manipur 03/06/2024
4 Remal Review Meeting: NDRF Teams Deployed, Airlifting And Evacuation Operations Carried Out 02/06/2024
5 NDRF gears up for Amarnath Yatra 02/06/2024
6 NDRF gears up for Amarnath Yatra 02/06/2024
7 Assam floods: Additional NDRF team airlifted to worst-hit Barak Valley, train links affected 01/06/2024
8 NDRF, Uttarakhand forest dept teams work overnight to stop fire from engulfing fuel station 31/05/2024
9 Drill by NDRF members held at Namakkal 30/05/2024
10 Cyclone Remal Situation Will Be Normal Soon 27/05/2024
11 Cyclone Remal makes landfall one lakh evacuated in Bengal 27/05/2024
12 Five including company owners booked in Sonipat boiler blast NDRF deployed for rescue 17/05/2024
13 Death toll rises to 14 in Mumbai billboard collapse, NDRF says rescue operation may continue until evening 16/05/2024
14 Mumbai hoarding collapse: Death toll surges to 16 as NDRF finds two more bodies 15/05/2024
15 Hoarding Collapse Cant use gas cutters at petrol pump site for fear of blast says NDRF official 14/05/2024
16 मौत से 11 घंटे लड़ा विकेश: मलबे में दबा पैर और पेट में घुसा था सरिया, जिंदगी बचाने पर NDRF को कहा थैंक्स 15/04/2024
17 NDRF signs Memorandum of Understanding with Ashok Travels & Tours 11/04/2024
18 Karnataka: A 1.5-year-old child who fell into open borewell rescued after 20-hour operation 04/04/2024
19 Centre appoints new Director Generals for NDRF, anti-terror agency NIA 27/03/2024
20 NDRF trains and deploys its first batch of forest fire fighting teams 10/03/2024
21 Ayodhya Ram Mandir: प्राण प्रतिष्ठा समारोह से पहले NDRF ने लगाया शिविर, Ayodhya में तैनात हुए जवान 20/01/2024
22 NDRF to observe 2024 as year of CBRN preparedness, response 19/01/2024
23 Vessel with pilgrims goes missing at West Bengals Gangasaga traced by NDRF 16/01/2024
24 NDRF deploys five teams in West Bengal's Gangasagar Mela for search and rescue operations 13/01/2024
25 Army, NDRF join operation to rescue 3-year-old girl stuck in borewell in Gujarat's Dwarka 01/01/2024
26 NDRF 10th Battalion rescued 2,893 victims of calamities during 2023, says Commandant 01/01/2024
27 Cyclone Michaung: 29 NDRF teams deployed in parts of southern India for relief, rescue operations 05/12/2023
28 स्वदेशी पोर्टेबल अस्पताल से आपदा में जीवन बचाना होगा आसान, NDRF से लेकर सेना को उपलब्ध होगी सुविधा 05/12/2023
29 आपदा से निपटने का नया उपाय: झांसी में एनडीआरएफ सेंटर की होगी स्थापना, एक हजार वर्ग मीटर जमीन चिह्नित 05/12/2023
30 Cyclone Michaung - 181 relief camps, NDRF & SDRF deployed for rescue ops in Andhra Pradesh 04/12/2023
31 Cyclone Michaung TN Declares Holiday On Monday NDRF SDRF In Ready Mode 10 Points 03/12/2023
32 Michaung Cyclone: NDRF, SDRF to deploy teams in all coastal districts 02/12/2023
33 Witness in the Corridors News: Atul Karwal: A Tactician Every Force Must Have 01/12/2023
34 NDRF chief writes: How we moved a mountain to rescue the trapped workers in Uttarakhand 30/11/2023
35 India: NDRF deployed in Chennai and adjoining regions after cyclone, heavy rain warning 30/11/2023
36 Cyclone Michaung: NDRF Team on Standby in Arakkonam Town After IMD Issues Cyclone Warning 30/11/2023
37 Workers cheered loudly at the sight of NDRF team 29/11/2023
38 Successful Silkyara tunnel rescue operation celebrated with joy and cake by NDRF personnel 29/11/2023
39 Uttarkashi tunnel rescue: NDRF conducts evacuation rehearsal using wheeled stretchers 24/11/2023
40 NDRF Demonstrates How Trapped Workers Will Be Pulled Out On Stretchers From Tunnel 24/11/2023
41 NIOS to provide English lessons to NDRF personnel 24/11/2023
42 As rescue op gathers pace, NDRF steps in to clear last-minute hurdle 23/11/2023
43 NDRF Personnel Enter Uttarkashi Tunnel, 30 Ambulances With Oxygen Cylinders Kept On Standby 22/11/2023
44 NDRF on alert as devotees flock to Ganga ghats for Chhath puja 20/11/2023
45 NDRF टीम ने कुएं में गिरे दो व्यक्ति को निकला:उप महानिरीक्षक बताया- 50 फीट गहरे कुएं से रोप रेस्क्यू तकनीक से युवको को निकाला गया बाहर 14/11/2023
46 We hope to evacuate them by this evening : NDRF on workers trapped inside Uttarkashi tunnel 13/11/2023
47 IMD Weather Report: देश के इस राज्य में मंगलवार को भारी बारिश का अलर्ट, NDRF की टीमें तैनात 13/11/2023
48 Uttarkashi tunnel news NDRF hopes to evacuate workers by evening CM Dhami inspects site 13/11/2023
49 NDRF to beef up patrolling on the Ganga for Dev Deepawali in Kashi 02/11/2023
50 Tamilnadu rain: 12 NDRF teams positioned in four districts 02/11/2023
51 Andhra Pradesh Train Accident | NDRF, SDRF Teams Continue Rescue Operation 30/10/2023
52 ITI नूरपुर में समर्थ कार्यक्रम के तहत मॉक ड्रिल का हुआ आयोजन, NDRF ने आपदा से बचाव के दिए टिप्स 18/10/2023
53 एनडीआरएफ की नार्थजोन फुटबॉल 13 वीं वाहिनी लुधियाना ने जीती 18/10/2023
54 Gas Leak Fear Prompts School Evacuation In West Delhi's Naraina. NDRF, Police, Fire Service Rushed To Spot 16/10/2023
55 Boat with schoolkids stuck in hyacinths for 9 hours, rescued by National Disaster Response Force 14/10/2023
56 Three teams of NDRF rushed to spot as soon as we got information Nityanand Rai on train derailment 12/10/2023
57 Sikkim flash floods: Death toll climbs to 77, search ops continue with Army, NDRF and IAF working closely with the civil authority 11/10/2023
58 Sikkim flash floods 14 dead over 100 missing Army NDRF in rescue operations 05/10/2023
59 NDRF rescues 7 people in Sikkim following flash flood conditions caused by a cloudburst 04/10/2023
60 Swachhata Pakhwada-Swachhata Hi Seva 2023: Cleanliness Drive Organised by NDRF in Guwahati 01/10/2023
61 NDRF conducts cleanliness drive along Krishna riverbank in Vijayawada 02/10/2023
62 NDRF conducts mock drill on emergency, rescue operations at Ramban 27/09/2023
63 Rain wreak havoc in Nagpur NDRF, SDRF deployed in flooded areas 24/09/2023
64 Mock drill conducted jointly by Railway, NDRF, civil authorities 23/09/2023
65 Gujarat floods: NDRF rescues senior citizen, 4 others from Junagarh 19/09/2023
66 देश के कई इलाकों में बारिश-बाढ़ से हाहाकार, रेस्क्यू में लगी NDRF की टीम 18/09/2023
67 Heavy rains in Gujarat: NDRF personnel rescue over 100 people from Bharuch village 17/09/2023
68 NDRF conducts awareness progs 15/09/2023
69 NDRF imparts training to APSDRF personnel on rescue techniques during calamities 14/09/2023
70 During G20, CBRN teams deployed at venues, hotels in Delhi 12/09/2023
71 Kolkata Police dogs set to train under NDRF to track buried humans 02/09/2023
72 Pune: NDRF inducts 4 Hazmat vehicles, will deploy them at G20 Summit in Delhi 30/08/2023
73 Himachal Pradesh rains: NDRF rescues over 50 stranded people, bridge connecting Baddi-Pinjaur washed away Heavy rains in the state have l 25/08/2023
74 Himachal rain: NDRF rescues 10 people stranded in boat at Kol Dam 21/08/2023
75 Army, NDRF teams rescue 300 people Punjab CM says entire govt machinery at work 18/08/2023
76 NDRF rescues villagers in flood-affected Nangal, Anandpur Sahib villages 16/08/2023
77 Flood situation in Assam worsens as more than 27000 people affected 12/08/2023
78 Flood situation in Assam worsens as more than 27000 people affected 12/08/2023
79 India builds goodwill with humanitarian aid 14/02/2023
80 The Payoffs Of Disaster Diplomacy 11/02/2023
81 तुर्की से तालियों की गूंज के बीच NDRF की विदाई सफल ऑपरेशन के बाद भारत लौटी टीम 20/02/2023
82 NDRF teams return to Ghaziabad after rescue op in earthquake-hit Turkey 18/02/2023
83 महाशिवरात्रि पर गंगा घाटों पर श्रद्धालुओं की सुरक्षा में NDRF रही तैनात, गोताखोर भी रहे मौजूद 18/02/2023
84 Turkey-Syria earthquake: NDRF team, Rambo, Honey return to India after 10-day rescue ops 17/02/2023
85 Saving lives in Turkey with no water or power in -5 degree what it takes to be an NDRF rescuer 17/02/2023
86 NDRF set to train Kolhapur youths in disaster management 16/02/2023
87 NDRF के डॉग तुर्किए में मलबे में फंसे लोगों के लिए बने फरिश्ते, मशीनों को छोड़ा पीछे 14/02/2023
88 तुर्किये में NDRF बना देवदूत, लोगों को बचाने के साथ भारतीय सेना ने बना डाला फील्ड अस्पताल 11/02/2023
89 NDRF rescues a six-year-old girl from rubble in earthquake-hit Turkey 09/02/2023
90 Army medical, NDRF teams land in Turkey with relief material 08/02/2023
91 खोजी श्वान हनी रेम्बो का ये पहला इंटरनेशनल ऑपरेशन NDRF बेस पॉइंट पर करेगा रेस्क्यू 08/02/2023
92 देश के अलावा विदेशों में भी बचाव एवं राहत अभियानों में एनडीआरएफ देता है सेवा 07/02/2023
93 Himalayan Task: NDRF to station permanent teams in hills for high-altitude rescue operations 22/01/2023
94 NDRF बचाव कार्यों के लिए पहाड़ियों में स्थाई टीम करेगा तैनात, भूस्खलन बाढ़ के आदि के दौरान होगी आसानी 22/01/2023
95 NDRF Raising Day: PM नरेंद्र मोदी ने एनडीआरएफ के18वें स्थापना दिवस पर दी शुभकामनाएं 19/01/2023
96 NDRF Raising Day: History, Significance, Facts And Role of National Disaster Response Force 19/01/2023
97 Joshimath crisis: Centre, state seized of matter, NDRF & SDRF deployed: Uttarakhand govt to Delhi HC 13/01/2023
98 हापुड़ में NDRF को मिली सफलता, 60 फीट गहरे बोरवेल से निकाला गया मासूम बच्चा 10/01/2023
99 NDRF ने बताए आपदा से बचाव के तरीके:उरला स्कूल में एक दिवसीय ट्रेनिंग वर्कशॉप, 9वीं से 12वीं तक के विद्यार्थियों ने लिया हिस्सा 01/01/2023
100 NDRF conducts drill simulating gas leak in Mysuru 31/12/2022
101 NDRF teams prepare, fishermen brace as cyclonic storm Mandous surges towards land 07/12/2022
102 6 NDRF teams deployed in Tamil Nadu after heavy rainfall alert on 8 December 06/12/2022
103 नालागढ़ में आपदा से निपटने के दिए टिप्स:NDRF ने 200 युवाओं को किया जागरूक, CPR व प्राथमिक उपचार का दिया प्रशिक्षण 03/12/2022
104 राहत बचाव के लिए तैयार NDRF: रक्षा मंत्री को बताई खूबियां 01/12/2022
105 एनडीआरएफ ने बंगाल के कई जिलों में शिविर आयोजित कर युवाओं को आपदा प्रबंधन का दिया प्रशिक्षण 30/11/2022
106 एनडीआरएफ में आयोजित हुई रेसक्यू ऑपरेशन प्रतियोगिता, मेजबान 8 वीं बटालियन ने जीती 28/11/2022
107 एनडीआरएफ में सांप्रदायिक सद्भाव सप्ताह का आयोजन, एकता का दिया गया संदेश 28/11/2022
108 बंगाल- सिक्किम के युवाओं के लिए आपदा प्रतिक्रिया प्रशिक्षण कोर्स शुरू, 780 युवाओं को प्रशिक्षित करेगा एनडीआरएफ 22/11/2022
109 सिवनीः भूकंप आपदा पर एनडीआरएफ और जिला प्रशासन ने किया संयुक्त मॉक अभ्यास 22/11/2022
110 बंगाईगांव (असम) भूकंप पर मल्टी स्टेट मॉक ड्रिल में प्रथम एनडीआरएफ ने लिया हिस्सा 17/11/2022
111 NDRF महानिदेशक ने आपदा प्रबंधन की तैयारियों का लिया जायज़ा 17/11/2022
112 Varanasi: दो दिवसीय दौरे पर काशी पहुंचे NDRF के महानिदेशक, देखी गंगा आरती 16/11/2022
113 West Bengal: एनडीआरएफ के बटालियन मुख्यालय में अंतरराष्ट्रीय स्तर का प्रशिक्षण कोर्स शुरू 03/11/2022
114 Northeast monsoon rains in southern India: 15 NDRF teams on standby in Tamil Nadu 01/11/2022
115 Morbi bridge collapse: 3 NDRF teams dispatched for rescue ops, says DG Atul Karwal 30/10/2022
116 NDRF team to study high-risk regions in Pathanamthitta 30/10/2022
117 Cyclone Sitrang: Admin Deploys NDRF Teams Ahead Of Landfall, IMD Predicts Heavy Rainfall 24/10/2022
118 Ayodhya Deepotsav 2022: सरयू तट पर सुरक्षा के मद्दे नजर NDRF की कई टीमें मौजदू 22/10/2022
119 Cyclone Sitrang: बंगाल में चक्रवात का खतरा, इन जिलों में NDRF की 14 टीमें तैनात 22/10/2022
120 बर्फबारी के बीच केदारनाथ में बचाव कार्य में जुटी हुई है SDRF-NDRF की टीम 18/10/2022
121 2-day NDRF competitions kick off at AP's Kondapavuluru 12/10/2022
122 बाढ़ व बरसात से बलरामपुर में हाहाकार, एनडीआरएफ ने संभाला मोर्चा, विद्युत आपूर्ति ठप 11/10/2022
123 एनडीआरएफ के जवानों ने एलएनआईपीई में सीखे गुरु मंत्र, अब 16 यूनिट के साथियों को देंगे ट्रेनिंग 03/10/2022
124 बचाव का प्रदर्शन:एनडीआरएफ, एसडीआरएफ व सिविल डिफेंस की मॉक ड्रिल 01/10/2022
125 Focus on fitness of colleagues, safety of human and animals is priority: DG, NDRF 30/09/2022
126 एसडीआरएफ- एनडीआरएफ ने किया संयुक्त अभ्यास:घर पर पड़ी सामग्रियों का उपयोग कर पानी में डूबे लोगों को बचाने के उपाय बताए 29/09/2022
127 Kedarnath Dham: केदारनाथ यात्रा पर आया तीर्थ यात्री मंदाकिनी ग्लेशियर में फंसा, NDRF ने किया रेस्क्यू 28/09/2022
128 कौशल्या नदी के तेज बहाव में फंसा युवक, NDRF ने निकाला 26/09/2022
129 एनडीआरएफ व एसडीआरएफ टीम ने 3 दिनो से फंसे पार्वती नदी के टापू पर फंसे चार युवको को निकाला 24/09/2022
130 मॉक ड्रिल - इंडियन ऑयल डिपो में लगी आग:NDRF की टीम पहुंची मौके पर, लोगों को किया रेस्क्यू 23/09/2022
131 मॉक ड्रिल :डिरेल होने के बाद रेलवे कोच में लगी आग, NDRF और अन्य विभागों ने चलाया रेस्क्यू अभियान 22/09/2022
132 NDRF on mission to become a lean rescue machine 21/09/2022
133 बीच रास्ते तड़प रहे थे ये बुजुर्ग, NDRF के CMO ने भगवान बनकर सड़क पर किया इलाज 16/09/2022
134 2-Year-Old Girl Falls Into Borewell In Rajasthan, Rescued After 7 Hours 15/09/2022
135 Disaster Management : आपदा से निपटने में निपुण होंगे युवा, एनडीआरएफ देगी टिप्स 13/09/2022
136 एनडीआरएफ ने 450 स्काउट गाइड को किया प्रशिक्षित 12/09/2022
137 NDRF जवान का रेस्क्यू ऑपरेशन, 4 लोगों की बचाई जान 11/09/2022
138 Building Collapsed In Delhi's Azad Market, 3 Injured | NDRF Team Rushed To The Spot 09/09/2022
139 गुना : एनडीआरएफ की टीम ने किया टीम ने आपदा में फंसे लोगों को निकालने का मॉक ड्रिल 08/09/2022
140 आठ जिलों में किया गया एनडीआरएफ को अलर्ट, बाढ़ प्रभावित इलाकों में रेकी तेज 02/09/2022
141 एनडीआरएफ की नाव से उफनाई गंगा में उतरे सीएम योगी, बाढ़ का लिया जायजा 31/08/2022
142 जोखिम में जान, हौसला बुलंद:प्रयागराज में बाढ़ पीड़ितों के लिए देवदूत बने NDRF जवान, रात-दिन पानी में कट रही है जिंदगी 31/08/2022
143 मणिमहेश यात्रा पर आए युवक को एनडीआरएफ टीम ने आधी रात को किया रेस्क्यू 30/08/2022
144 Kerala to receive rainfall until Sept 2, more NDRF teams to arrive Onmanorama Staff 30/08/2022
145 वाराणसी के बाढ़ प्रभावित क्षेत्रों में जिला प्रशासन व NDRF का राहत बचाव अभियान जारी 29/08/2022
146 Noida twin towers demolition: NDRF team, over 500 cops deployed for additional security 28/08/2022
147 बाढ़ग्रस्त इलाके में फंसी गर्भवती महिला, NDRF की टीम ने सुरक्षित बाहर निकालकर पहुंचाया अस्पताल 28/08/2022
148 Ganga, Yamuna level rises, water enters Prayagraj colonies, NDRF at rescue 27/08/2022
149 Rajasthan: प्रदेश में बाढ़ के हालात, पांच जिलों में NDRF और SDRF तैनात 24/08/2022
150 होमगार्ड और NDRF की टीमों ने 1783 बाढ़ पीड़ितों को सुरक्षित निकाला 23/08/2022
151 देहरादून आपदा : कई संपर्क मार्ग हुए तबाह, एसडीआरएफ व एनडीआरएफ के लिए आपदाग्रस्त क्षेत्रों में काम करना चुनौती 22/08/2022
152 NDRF की टीम सुबह पांच बजे से पतरातू डैम में चला रही रेस्क्यू ऑपरेशन 21/08/2022
153 वाराणसी में जल पुलिस और एनडीआरएफ ने गंगा में बढ़ाई गश्त, पीएसी की फ्लड यूनिट भी मदद के लिए तैयार 21/08/2022
154 ट्रैक्टर लेकर नदी में उतरे थे रेत-बजरी लेने, NDRF और सेना ने सुरक्षित निकाला 20/08/2022
155 5 Out Of 6 Students Rescued From Drowning By NDRF At Ferry Ghat, Search On 19/08/2022
156 विदिशा में भारी बारिश से अलर्टः एनडीआरएफ ने 250 से अधिक लोगों को बचाया 16/08/2022
157 ओडिशा के 10 जिलों में बाढ़ जैसे हालात, ODRAF और NDRF की टीमों को किया गया तैनात 16/08/2022
158 NDRF pays tributes to freedom fighters 16/08/2022
159 मणिमहेश यात्रा के लिए रवाना हुए श्रद्धालू, सुरक्षा के लिए भेजी गईं NDRF की 2 टीमें 15/08/2022
160 आजादी के अमृत महोत्सव के तहत एनडीआरएफ ने चलाया सफाई अभियान 14/08/2022
161 एनडीआरएफ ने आयोजित की तिरंगा पदयात्रा 14/08/2022
162 राप्ती नदी पर एनडीआरएफ ने फहराया तिरंगा 13/08/2022
163 बिहटा में एनडीआरएफ की टीम ने स्कूली बच्चों के साथ निकाली तिरंगा यात्रा 13/08/2022
164 धसान नदी में फंसे दो युवक, एनडीआरएफ ने सुरक्षित निकाला 13/08/2022
165 Watch: Shepherd, son and sheep stuck on islet for a week in Koppal rescued by NDRF 13/08/2022
166 Madhya Pradesh dam breach: Army, NDRF teams reach Dhar, two IAF choppers on standby 13/08/2022
167 NDRF, CISF personnel distribute flag to houses in Arakkonam region 12/08/2022
168 एनडीआरएफ की टीम ने भूकंप से बचाव को लेकर किया अभ्यास 12/08/2022
169 NDRF team deployed in Sangli 12/08/2022
170 9वी वाहिनी एनडीआरएफ ने आजादी के अमृत महोत्सव पर निकाली बाइक रैली 12/08/2022
171 Hyderabad: 200 children participate in NDRF-led National Flag rally 12/08/2022
172 Second Warning Issued as Godavari Flood Surge Continues in AP NDRF and SDRF Teams on Alert 11/08/2022
173 स्कूली बच्चों ने सीखा आपदा से बचाव का तरीका 10/08/2022
174 एनडीआरएफ के जवानों ने रामगढ़ झील में दिया देशभक्ति का संदेश 10/08/2022
175 छात्रों ने सीखा आपदा से निपटने का तरीका 09/08/2022
176 एनडीआरएफ वाराणसी ने हर घर तिरंगा यात्रा निकाल मनाया आज़ादी का अमृत महोत्सव 09/08/2022
177 एनडीआरएफ ने आपदा प्रबंधन की दी जानकारी 08/08/2022
178 अयोध्या: एनडीआरएफ ने छात्रों को दिया आपदा प्रबंधन का प्रशिक्षण 06/08/2022
179 एनडीआरएफ: 56 घंटे बाद मिला पौंग झील में लापता दूसरे व्यक्ति का शव 06/08/2022
180 एनडीआरएफ टीम ने नहर में डूबे युवक का ढूंढ निकाला शव 06/08/2022
181 Tamil Nadu Rains: NDRF Teams Rushed To Flood-Hit Districts For Rescue Operations 05/08/2022
182 Himachal Pradesh: NDRF recovers body from Pong Dam 05/08/2022
183 बुरहानपुर कलेक्ट्रेट में भूकंप के झटके:NDRF ने लोगों का रेस्क्यू कर बाहर निकाला, अफरा-तफरी भी मची, कलेक्टर बोले- मॉक ड्रिल का बेहतर प्रदर्शन 05/08/2022
184 Chalakudy river in spate, NDRF personnel deployed Thrissur, Ernakulam districts under high alert 04/08/2022
185 Kerala Rain Updates 04/08/2022
186 एनडीआरएफ टीम ने ईसानगर क्षेत्र में चलाया जागरूकता अभियान 04/08/2022
187 India:13 NDRF teams deployed in Kerala & Tamil Nadu amid extremely heavy rainfall alert 02/08/2022
188 Tamil Nadu braces for heavy rain, NDRF teams rushed to districts 02/08/2022
189 Six die in rains, four NDRF teams on ground: Kerala CM 01/08/2022
190 एनडीआरएफ ने बच्चों को सिखाएं आपात स्थिति से निपटने के गुर 30/07/2022
191 मॉकड्रिल में NDRF ने 8 मंजिला इमारत में फंसे 6 लोगों को बचाया, कई मकान क्षतिग्रस्त 29/07/2022
192 NDRF rescues 5 of family stuck in Musi river flood 27/07/2022
193 एनडीआरएफ ने जामनगर में 350 होमगार्ड जवानों को प्रशिक्षित किया 26/07/2022
194 Supertech Twin Tower : ट्विन टावर गिराने से पूर्व छावनी में तब्दील होगा क्षेत्र, पुलिस, फायर और NDRF 500 जवान होंगे तैनात, जानें पूरा प्लान 25/07/2022
195 Flood News: सैलाब में सलामत जिंदगी, पहाड़ से मैदान तक राहत-बचाव कार्य में जुटा NDRF 24/07/2022
196 NDRF rescues 23 stranded labourers from Paleru stream 23/07/2022
197 Kalyan: NDRF surveys disaster-prone areas in KDMC limits 19/07/2022
198 Heavy rain alert in Uttarakhand hills, NDRF teams deployed 19/07/2022
199 देश के कई राज्यों में बाढ़ से तबाही, बचाव-राहत में जुटी NDRF 18/07/2022
200 Gujarat: In a first, eight women in team of NDRF Rescuers 18/07/2022
201 NDRF ferrying flood-hit students to NEET centres in Gadchiro 17/07/2022
202 NDRF conducts mock drill at Kudal Nagar rly station 16/07/2022
203 Coast Guard, IAF, NDRF To The Rescue 15/07/2022
204 10 workers of construction firm trapped in Maharashtra's Vaitarna river rescued: NDRF 14/07/2022
205 Toll rises to 83 in Gujarat amid torrential rain, 18 NDRF teams deployed 13/07/2022
206 Monsoon 2022: उत्तराखंड में आपदा से निपटने के लिए एनडीआरएफ की छह टीमें तैनात 12/07/2022
207 NDRF rescues nine farmers stranded on an island, reporter missing 12/07/2022
208 Andhra Pradesh on Alert, NDRF and SDRF Team Deployed as Godavari Floodwater Rises 11/07/2022
209 Goa will set up dedicated disaster response force, MoU signed with NDRF, says minister 11/07/2022
210 NDRF carries out nationwide security audit of passenger ropeways, cable cars 10/07/2022
211 Heavy rains likely to continue in Kerala till July 13, NDRF personnel deployed as precautionary measure 09/07/2022
212 At Least 13 Killed in Amaranath Flash Floods Cloudburst Suspected, Army, MRT, NDRF to the Rescue 08/07/2022
213 NDRF deploys 17 teams in Maharashtra amid heavy rains 07/07/2022
214 Maharashtra rains: NDRF team with 20 jawans deployed in Palghar 06/07/2022
215 Panchganga river level rises, two NDRF teams arrive in Kolhapur 06/07/2022
216 Maharashtra: 7 NDRF teams deployed in coastal areas 05/07/2022
217 Maharashtra's Ratnagiri faces flood fury, NDRF teams deployed 05/07/2022
218 Heavy rain forecast till Friday in Mumbai, five NDRF teams deployed 05/07/2022
219 IMD Issues Orange Alert For Next 5 Days In Konkan, NDRF Teams Deployed At Mahad And Chiplun 04/07/2022
220 NDRF personnel saves cow from drowning in Uttarakhands Chamoli district 04/07/2022
221 बचाव के आधुनिक साधनों सहित राजकोट पहुंची एनडीआरएफ की 3 टीम 04/07/2022
222 6 NDRF teams sent to Gujarat districts prone to monsoon calamities 03/07/2022
223 Parts of Gujarat get heavy rains 380 shifted to safer places in Anand district, NDRF deployed 02/07/2022
224 Manipur landslide: NDRF says 17 bodies recovered, rescue ops on 01/07/2022
225 Manipur landslide Rushing 2 more teams for rescue work, says NDRF 30/06/2022
226 NDRF Deploys Women Rescuers For Initiating Operations Along Flood-Hit Silchar 27/06/2022
227 NDRF to train 100 Delhi civic body employees as first responders in emergency 26/06/2022
228 NDRF third Battalion jawans step up for flood relief in Assam 26/06/2022
229 17,500 people rescued in flood-affected Assam: NDRF 23/06/2022
230 Varanasi: NDRF team rescues 2 youths from drowning in Ganga 22/06/2022
231 Assam floods toll reaches 88 more NDRF teams rushed to Barak Valley 22/06/2022
232 NDRF rescuers airlifted from Odisha to flood-hit Silchar 21/06/2022
233 UP NDRF teams take guard ahead of flood month 21/06/2022
234 Yoga sessions organised at ghats in Varanasi 20/06/2022
235 I started calling out Rahul's name. He was crying - NDRF personnel 16/06/2022
236 Chhattisgarh borewell mishap NDRF rescuer recounts moments 16/06/2022
237 Chhattisgarh: Ten-year-old boy falls in borewell in Janjgir 11/06/2022
238 NDRF to train Delhi cops in disaster management 10/06/2022
239 BMC Prepared for rains NDRF Army, Navy to stand guard in 03/06/2022
240 In a 1st, NDRF to secure flood-prone dists in advance 01/06/2022
241 एनडीआरएफ का एम्स दिल्ली में महा रक्तदान 25/02/2022
242 हरिणघाटा में एनडीआरएफ बटालियन मुख्यालय में वार्षिक प्रशिक्षण व संचालन सम्मेलन का शुभारंभ, डीजी ने किया उद्घाटन 25/02/2022
243 Gurugram roof collapse: One body retrieved, two people rescued so far: NDRF 11/02/2022
244 How Chennai drones helped NDRF team rescue stranded Kerala hiker 10/02/2022
245 Several feared trapped in Gurugram housing complex roof collapse, NDRF team rushed for rescue operations 10/02/2022
246 V Muraleedharan lauds Indian Army, NDRF for rescuing trekker stuck on Kerala hill 09/02/2022
247 NDRF Varanasi's mock drill on disaster management in Prayagraj 28/01/2022
248 Uttar Pradesh: 3 feared trapped as roof of factory collapses in Bulandshahr 28/01/2022
249 NDRF की 8वीं बटालियन को मिला सुभाष चंद्र बोस आपदा प्रबंधन पुरस्कार 24/01/2022
250 NDRF Raising Day 2022: Date, Motto, History, Chief and 5 facts about National Disaster Response Force 19/01/2022
251 Guwahati-Bikaner Express train derailment: 5 dead, 45 injured, compensation announced, probe ordered 14/01/2022
252 Amit Shah inaugurates camp of NDRFs 5th Battalion, CFSL building in Pune 19/12/2021
253 Cyclone Jawad: Odisha government issues guidelines for safety, puts 14 districts on alert 03/12/2021
254 Cyclone Jawad: IMD predicts heavy rains in Odisha, Andhra, NDRF prepares for evacuation 02/12/2021
255 Cyclone Jawad: IMD issues red alert for this state, heavy to very heavy rainfall expected 02/12/2021
256 Govt prepares for evacuation as cyclone is likely to reach Odisha coast on Dec 4 02/12/2021
257 Expense rates for SDRF, NDRF being revised: Rajenimbalkar 02/12/2021
258 Cyclone JAWAD update: Odisha Chief Secretary directs collectors to do these immediately 01/12/2021
259 बेमौसम बारिश का खतरा:चक्रवाती तूफान जवाद के चलते गुजरात के तटीय इलाकों में भारी बारिश होने का अलर्ट, एनडीआरएफ की टीमें रवाना की गईं 01/12/2021
260 Four trapped in Bokaro mine for over 24 hours 28/11/2021
261 Each state may get NDRF unit amid frequent disasters 27/11/2021
262 NDRF के जवानों ने बेजुबान को कुएं से निकाला, बचाई जान 17/08/2021
263 Maharashtra govt allots land for NDRF permanent station at Mahad 17/08/2021
264 बिहार की नदियों के जलस्तर में हुई वृद्धि, अलर्ट मोड में NDRF की 17 टीमें 16/08/2021
265 NDRF team celebrates I-Day amid operations in Varanasi 16/08/2021
266 प्राकृतिक आपदा में जानमाल की हानि कम करने को शोध करेगा NDRF, इंटरनेट मीडिया पर हो रहा सर्वे 15/08/2021
267 NDRF has 16 Battalions,12 Operational, 04 in training: MHA in Rajya Sabha 04/08/2021
268 NDRF 10th battalion personnel take up Swachhata Abhiyaan drive in Krishna River 15/03/2021
269 Uttarakhand floods 26 bodies recovered, 171 missing rescue ops on, experts trying to determine cause of disaster 09/02/2021
270 On NDRF Raising Day 2021, Read about Our Disaster Response Force 20/01/2021
271 In Conversation with Director-General SN Pradhan on NDRF's Journey, Female Force, and Growing Disasters 20/01/2021
272 Dzukou valley wildfire: More NDRF personnel, IAF helicopters rushed to Manipur-Nagaland border 04/01/2021
273 Dzukou Wildfire rages NDRF team deployed 04/01/2021
274 NDRF Teams Deployed In Kerala, Tamil Nadu Ahead Of Cyclone Burevi 03/12/2020
275 Cyclone Nivar: NDRF deploys 25 teams for rescue operations in Tamil Nadu, Puducherry 26/11/2020
276 Cyclone Nivar, Weather Forecast Highlights Tamil Nadu, Puducherry on alert NDRF deploys 1200 rescue troopers 25/11/2020
277 Cyclone Nivar: NDRF teams in action, Section 144 in Puducherry 24/11/2020
278 10-bed hospital for NDRF by CSIR scientists launched in Chennai 05/11/2020
279 NDRF men shift over 400 families in Vijayapura district 19/10/2020
280 Over 2,000 rescued, 4 teams deployed by NDRF in Telangana amid incessant rain 19/10/2020
281 Flood-Like Situation In Maharashtra, Karnataka NDRF Teams Rescue People 16/10/2020
282 NDRF rescues man stranded mid-river on a rock overnight in Jharkhand 07/10/2020
283 Four NDRF Teams Airlifted To Nagpur In View Of Evolving Flood Situation 01/09/2020
284 Raigad building collapse Several feared trapped under debris NDRF rescue operations underway 25/08/2020
285 NDRF rescues 30 people stranded in flood-affected areas in Gujarat 25/08/2020
286 Flood in Krishna damages thousands of acres of crops NDRF personnel rescue five in Nandigama 19/08/2020
287 Widespread Rains Across Gujarat, More Showers Likely 13 NDRF Teams Deployed 14/08/2020
288 Bihar floods Over 38 lakh people affected NDRF teams deployed across state 31/07/2020
290 90 NDRF teams deployed for flood operations 08/07/2020
291 Cyclone Nisarga: 45 NDRF Teams Deployed In Maharashtra, Gujarat 03/06/2020
292 Cyclone Nisarga moving along predicted path: NDRF DG 03/06/2020
293 NDRF teams working tirelessly to restore normalcy in Bengal: Official 25/05/2020
294 Deployment of 10 additional NDRF teams in West Bengal for post cyclone Amphan management 23/05/2020
295 37 NDRF teams to combat dual challenge of cyclone AMPHAN, COVID 19 19/05/2020
296 NDRF monitoring transport of styrene monomer to South Korea 13/05/2020
297 From Fukushima to Vizag gas leak NDRFs CBRN teams lead the way in disaster response 07/05/2020
298 Search Results NDRF pay tributes to corona victims, distribute dignity kits 09/04/2020
299 Maharashtra floods: Women, girls tie Rakhis to NDRF personnel in Sangli 12/08/2019
300 World Environment Day: Plantation By NDRF Battalion Across Assam 06/06/2019
301 It's time to build disaster-resilient cities Satya Narayan Pradhan, DG, NDRF 11/05/2019
302 Cyclone Fani 3 dead in Odisha informs NDRF DG 03/05/2019
303 NDRF DG SN Pradhan speaks to DD News over cyclone Fani & preparedness 01/05/2019
304 Navy, Coast Guard ships and helicopters, NDRF teams deployed to deal with cyclone Fani 01/05/2019
305 NDRF to take a leaf out of fishermen 28/03/2019
306 Mega Mock Drill Exercise by NDRF, State Agencies at city mall 28/03/2019
307 Unsung Heroes: Indian Army, NDRF rescue toddler stuck in 70-feet deep borewell after 48-hour long operation 23/03/2019
308 NDRF team pulls out boy trapped in borewell after 16-hour rescue operation 23/02/2019
309 Autoplay S.N Pradhan, DG NDRF in conversation with Times Now on Seemanchal Express derail 03/02/2019
310 NDRF battalion to be rewarded for commendable work in disaster management 25/01/2019
311 Government institutes Subhash Chandra Bose Aapda Prabandhan Puraskar 23/01/2019
312 Cyclone Phethai Andhra Pradesh on high alert NDRF teams deployed in coastal districts heavy rainfall to hit Odisha over next two days 17/12/2018
313 Cyclone Gaja: Eight NDRF teams deployed in coastal districts of TN 13/11/2018
314 SCO joint exercise on urban earthquake search and rescue planned in New Delhi 02/11/2018
315 SCO countries hold preparatory meeting for joint exercise on urban earthquake search and rescue 01/11/2018
316 Cyclone Titli Centre rushes 1000 NDRF personnel to Odisha 10/10/2018
317 NDRF launches biggest ever operation in flood-hit Kerala. 58 teams deputed 18/08/2018
318 Kerala Flood: Additional NDRF Teams Deployed For Rescue Operation 16/08/2018
319 Kerala rains: 4 more NDRF teams rushed to assist in rescue ops 15/08/2018
320 Kerala rains: NDRF man runs across flooding bridge with child in arms 11/08/2018
321 Munger Rescue Operation: Sana Evacuated By NDRF After 31 Hours 02/08/2018
322 Greater Noida building collapse: NDRF team recovers 2 dead bodies 18/07/2018
323 100 NDRF teams deployed in 71 locations across India to deal with floods 12/07/2018
324 NDRF begins rescue ops for people stranded in rain-hit Vasai 10/07/2018
325 North East floods- NDRF rescues over 3,600 people from Tripura, Assam, 10 teams stationed in affected regions 16/06/2018
326 Varanasi flyover collapse: 18 dead, more feared trapped in debris as 325 NDRF personnel continue rescue operations 16/05/2018
327 Stranded in borewell, two-year-old dies despite rescue efforts 30/04/2018
328 The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) celebrated its 13th Raising Day NDRF saved 4000 lives from disaster striking the country last year 20/01/2018
329 NDRF personnel helps woman in delivering baby on running train 31/10/2017
330 4-day-long BIMSTEC Disaster Management Exercise 2017 concludes India has emerged as a frontline state for Disaster Risk Reduction: Dr Jitendra Singh 14/10/2017
331 India hosts first annual BIMSTEC disaster management exercise 12/10/2017
332 Prompt response by NDRF team rescues villagers in U'khand 02/11/2017
333 Mumbai building collapse: In a first, green corridor created for NDRF to reach site faster 01/09/2017
334 Woman gives birth to a girl child on NDRF boat 19/08/2017
335 Bihar floods: NDRF personnel helps deliver a baby on rescue boat 16/08/2017
336 Preparatory Meeting of the First BIMSTEC Disaster Management Exercise- 2017 begins 09/08/2017
337 Gujarat flood: NDRF team rescues 59 people from Ganol Village 26/07/2017
338 NDRF rescue ops in full swing in flood affected areas 24/07/2017
339 Gujarat flood: One dead, over 3,000 families relocated by NDRF as heavy rains lash state 15/07/2017
340 39 rescue operation teams deployed in flood prone areas by NDRF 13/07/2017
341 National Level Conference on "Capacity Building of SDRFs-2017" concludes today 07/06/2017
342 Shri Rajnath Singh inaugurates National Level Conference on "Capacity Building of SDRFs-2017" 06/06/2017
343 Shri Rajnath Singh to inaugurate 2-day national level conference on Capacity Building of SDRF-2017" tomorrow 05/06/2017
344 We are alert, prepared and well- equipped 12/05/2017
345 NDRF, Railways conduct mock drill 11/05/2017
346 NDRF holds pre-monsoon Coordination Conference to enhance preference with SDRF heads 09/05/2017
347 Jetty operators held as toll touches 6, several missing 28/04/2017
348 Earthquake in Uttarakhand, tremors jolt Delhi, north India; NDRF on high alert 07/02/2017
349 Sri Sri holds spl meditation session for NDRF personnel 03/02/2017
350 3 Dead, Around 12 Missing After Jetty Collapses In Hooghly River 27/04/2017
351 PM Modi greets NDRF on 12th Raising Day 31/01/2017